SonoBook 9 was designed as a mobile shared service portable ultrasound machine with nice movability

System Architecture

SSD for lower power consumption, Standby mode to save energy, Auto-ambient adjustment to save battery life Low heat and noise design, Up to 1 week battery life in standby mode, Up to 2 hours of continuous use in active mode

Smart Technology

AIO (Automatic Image Optimization for B mode& D mode), Auto Measurement: Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto-trace for PW, Auto-trace for follicles and breast lesions, User-defined workflow, Auto-ambient adjustment tailor to indoor &outdoor uses.


Width: 72 mm (2.83 inch), Height: 355 mm (13.97 inch), Net Weight: 5.5 kg (with battery)


Display screen

High resolution color LCD 15 inch, Resolution: 1024X768, Brightness adjustment, Angle adjustable: 0-120o

More Connectable

Intelligent patients’ data management, SonoDocking: DVI-I,Foot-Switch, Video-Out, remote,S-Video, USB3.0, Wifi-Compatible

Innovative Transducer Technologies

SonoBook 9 uses the latest advances in transducer technology, which has wider bandwidth, higher sensitivity and better signal-noise ratio, providing superb anatomic details to users.delivering excellent resolution and penetration, especially during difficult-patient scanning.

Imaging Solutions

The Sonobook system provides most price and image quality in a reasonable shared service style.

Cardiac, TEE

Cardiac, TEE_chison_sonobook_9_tuss

Stress Echo

Stress Echo_chison_sonobook-(_tuss

Thyroid, Elastography

About Chison Sonobook 9

The Chison SonoBook 9 laptop-style ultrasound system is maybe Chison’s most advanced portable ultrasound machine for sale. Their temporal arrangement is true since the market doesn’t have a top quality system at this price-point. With an indoor SSD and advanced imaging technologies, the SonoBook transportable ultrasound delivers astonishingly high frame rates in an exceedingly sturdy style. The SonoBook includes advanced imaging options, like compound imaging, needle visual image, stress echo, speckle reduction imaging, IMT, Tissue physicist, and prospective/retrospective cineloop saving.

Compatible Probes

Chison L7-V

Bandwidth: 5 MHz to 10 MHz

Applications: Veterinary

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 6

Chison C3-V

Bandwidth: 2.0 – 6.8 MHz

Applications: Abdomen, Large Animal

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 8

Chison L8M5-V

Bandwidth: 8.0MHz

Transducer Type – Linear

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 6

Chison L12b-V

Bandwidth: 4 – 18 MHz

Transducer Type – Linear

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 9

Chison MC3-V

Bandwidth: 3 MHz

Type: Convex

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 6

Chison L10i-V

Bandwidth: 6-16 MHz

Transducer Type – Linear

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 9

Chison E6-V

Bandwidth: 4 – 12 MHz 

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 6Chison Sonobook 8

Chison CW2-V

Bandwidth: 2.0 MHz

Compatibility: Chison Sonobook 6Chison Sonobook 8


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