Chison Sonobook 8 Ultrasound Machine

Chison SonoBook 8 is an outstanding ultrasound system with compact, light and robust alloy casing design, tailored for users who need maximum mobility, but also demand powerful functions. With its adaptive, agile and advanced design, SonoBook 8 most optimum choice. Instant response. Innovative transducer technologies are used for extraordinary cardiac performance. Comprehensive cardiac measurement packages: Semi-auto Simpson, PISA, etc. Customizable cardiac measurement workflow. Probes: Adult & Pediatric phased array.


Sonobook 8 has Versatile probes covering 1.5 MHz-18 MHz. Efficient workflow for different clinical applications. Real-time curved panoramic imaging. Advanced technologies: Q-beam,Q-flow,Q-image, FHI, X-contrast. Extraordinary performance for easy diagnosis. Probes: Convex, Linear, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Micro-Convex, etc. And many useful features.

Intelligent patients’data management
Ultra-Light< 12 lbs (with battery)
Ultra 15″ LED HD screen
SSD for lower power consumption
Shut down < 12s
User-defined workflow
Supports wide ranges of probes


▶ L8M-V Linear

▶ MC6-V Micro-Convex

▶ MC3-V Micro-Convex

▶ R7-V Trans Rectal

▶ E7W-V Transvaginal

▶ E6-V Transvaginal

▶ P5-V Phased array

▶ P2-V Phased array

▶ L7SVA-V Linear

▶ L8M5-V Linear

▶ L12-V Linear

▶ L7-V Linear

▶ C3-V Convex

Chison SonoBook 8 Brochure

▶Supports wide ranges of probes

▶ 192 elements high density probe

▶ Innovative probe (available)

▶ Large Storage Size (10 thousands of images and cines)

▶ SonoDocking: DVI-I, Foot-Switch, Video-Out, remote, S-Video

▶ DICOM: Structure report, worklist, storage, print

Clinical Images