GE Logiq S8 with XDclear 2.0

This portable system easily maneuvers in tight spaces, making it well-suited for crowded rooms. Practical productivity enhancers – from the intuitive keyboard and large touchscreen to built-in automation tools – help reduce the work ow burden on busy staff. Streamline exams with user guided automatic measurements and image optimization tools. Label, measure, and describe anatomy quickly and confidently, plus generate DICOM® SR compatible summaries. Scan for up to one hour on battery alone with the new extended battery options. Customizable automation helps reduce keystrokes and exam times. One study demonstrated a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time versus not using Scan Assistant.


Key Features of GE Logiq S8 with XDclear 2.0

Provides quantitative measures of tissue elasticity and color coded elastograms to assist clinicians in diagnostic and patient management decisions for both deep and superficial applications. 10.1” size flat screen touch panel supports infection control with ease of cleaning. Smaller footprint eases navigation and patient access for portable studies.

Width: 620mm, 24.4 inch (Caster), 500mm, 19.7inch (Keyboard)
Height: 1,150mm, 45.3 inch (Mini.), 1,720mm, 67.7 inch (Max.)
Net Weight: 85 kg (187.4 lb.)
High resolution 23″ wide LCD monitor
Integrated HDD
High resolution 9.0″ wide LCD touch screen
4 active probe ports and 1 parking probe port
Coded Harmonic Imaging
Integrated DVD Multi Drive and Speakers


  • Abdominal
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Breast
  • Small parts
  • Vascular/Peripheral
  • Transcranial
  • Pediatric and Neonetal
  • Muskuloskeletal
  • Urological
  • Cardiac

▶ Convex Probe
       C1-6-D [1-6 MHz]
       C2-9-D [2-9 MHz]
       C3-10-D [2-11 MHz]
       C1-5-D [1-6MHz]
       C2-6b-D [2-6MHz]

▶ Intra-Cavitary Probe
       IC5-9-D [3-10MHz]

▶ Micro-Convex Probe
       C2-7-D [1-6MHz]
       10C-D [4-12MHz]

▶ Sector
       S1-5-D [1-6MHz]
       M5S-D [1-5MHz]
       3Sp-D [1-5MHz]
       6S-D [2-8MHz]
       S4-10-D [3-9MHz]

▶ Linear Probe
       9L-D [2-8MHz]
       11L-D [3-11MHz]
       L3-12-D [2-11MHz]
       ML6-15-D [4-15MHz]
       L8-18i-D [4-15MHz]

▶ Real-time 4D
       RAB6-D [2-8MHz]
       RIC5-90D [3-10MHz]
       RSP6-16-D [6-18MHz]

▶ Speciality
       BE9Cs-D [3-12MHz]
       6Tc-RS [2-8MHz]
       P2D [2MHz]
       P6D [6.3MHz]

▶ Sony Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Fixture Kit for Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D25 Color Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D897 BW Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P93W/E Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P95DW Thermal Printer

▶ Printer installation kit

▶ External USB printer connection

▶ Wireless LAN

▶ DVI-D output available for compatible devices

▶ Footswitch with programmable functionality

▶ Universal Video Converter

▶ Power Assistant

▶ Battery Pack (for Power Assistant)

▶ Isolation Transformer

▶ Isolated 1Gb Ethernet connection

▶ Isolated USB connector

▶ EMI filter (PWR supply noise filter)

▶ RS-DLP Probe Adapter for TEE Probe

▶ Drawer

▶ Small Probe Holder (Probe Holder Adapter for Small Probe)

▶ Multi Purpose Holder (Vertical Endocavitary Probe Holder)

▶ Optional Probe Holder (Side Probe Holder)

▶ Probe cable hanger

▶ ECG + AHA/IEC® Cables

▶ USB 3 Pedal Foot Switch

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