GE ML6-15-D Matrix Linear Probe

ML6-15-D Ultrasound Probe/Transducer is an ultrasound probe or transducer that is provided as a part of ergonomic mobile digital ultrasound imaging system. Medical ultrasound images are created by computer and digital memory from the transmission and reception of mechanical high-frequency waves generated through a probe/transducer. The ultrasound waves are spread through the body, producing an echo where density changes occur. The echoes return to the transducer where they are converted back into electrical signals, thus effecting the quality of images formed.


Brand – GE

Transducer Type – Linear

Bandwidth: 4 – 15 MHz (Logiq E9, S8), 4 – 13 MHz (Voluson E8 Expert), 4.5 – 15 MHz (Vivid E9)

Footprint: 60.7 x 16 mm (Voluson E8 Expert), 13 x 58 mm (Vivid E9)

Applications: Small Parts, Pediatrics (Logiq E9, S8, Voluson E8 Expert), Neonatal (Logiq E9, S8), Vascular (Logiq E9, S8, Vivid E9), Breast (Voluson E8 Expert, Vivid E9), Musculoskeletal (Voluson E8 Expert, Vivid E9), Urology (Voluson E8 Expert), Peripheral Vascular (Voluson E8 Expert), Scrotal (Vivid E9)

Compatibility: Logiq E9, Logiq S8, Voluson E8 Expert, Vivid E9

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Biopsy Guide: Multi angle, Disposable with a reusable bracket