GE Logiq S7 with XDclear

From the start, the LOGIQ™ S7 has been designed for the needs of shared service environments. Now, its versatility is further enhanced with XDclear™ technology and a next-generation design that take performance to a new level. Multiple applications. Different users. Variety of challenges. The LOGIQ S7 XDclear easily handles it, delivering the high quality images, ease of use, and specialized capabilities that busy clinicians need. From its versatility to its budget friendly price, the LOGIQ S7 XDclear is designed for practices with high expectations for both performance and value. The LOGIQ S7 XDclear harnesses GE’s premier probe and platform technology to optimize image quality across virtually all patient body types – with speed and consistency. Redesigned from top to bottom, the LOGIQ S7 XDclear supports productivity and ease in workflow.


Key Features of GE Logiq S7 with XDclear

The LOGIQ™ S7 with XDclear™ is a highly mobile and easy to use performance multipurpose color Doppler imaging system. It is designed for Abdominal, Vascular, Small Parts, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Pediatric, Neonatal, Transcranial, and Urology applications.

Width: 530mm (Caster), 520mm (Keyboard), 565mm (Monitor)
Height: 1,210mm (Minimum), 1,760mm (Max.)
Net Weight: 90 kg (198 lb.)
23” (565 mm) high-resolution wide LCD
Integrated HDD
10.1″ wide LCD touch screen
4 active probe ports and 1 parking probe port
Integrated HDD and DVD-R/W
Integrated cable management


  • Fetal/Obstetrics
  • Abdominal (includes renal, GYN/Pelvic)
  • Pediatric
  • Small Organ (breast, testes, thyroid)
  • Neonatal Cephalic
  • Adult Cephalic
  • Cardiac (adult and pediatric)
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Musculo-skeletal Conventional and Superficial
  • Urology (including prostate)
  • Transrectal
  • Transvaginal
  • Transesophageal

▶ XDClear Probes
       C1-6-D [1-6 MHz]
       C3-10-D [2-11 MHz]

▶ Convex Probe
       C1-5-D [1-6MHz]

▶ Intra-Cavitary Probe
       IC5-9-D [3-10MHz]

▶ Micro-Convex Probe
       3CRF-D [2-5MHz]
       8C-D [4-11MHz]
       10C-D [4-12MHz]

▶ Real-time 4D
       RAB4-8-D [4-8MHz]
       RIC5-90D [3-10MHz]

▶ Linear Probe
        9L-D [2-8MHz]
       11L-D [3-11MHz]
        L3-12-D [2-11MHz]
        ML6-15-D [4-15MHz]
        L8-18i-D [4-15MHz]

▶ Sector
       3Sp-D [1-5MHz]
       S2-5-D [-5MHz]
       6S-D [2-8MHz]
       S4-10-D [3-9MHz]

▶ Speciality
       BE9Cs-D [3-12MHz]
       6Tc-RS [2-8MHz]
       P2D [2MHz]
       P6D [6.3MHz]
       P8D [8.3MHz]

▶ Sony Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Fixture Kit for Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D25 Color Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D897 BW Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P93W/E Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P95DW Thermal Printer

▶ Printer installation kit

▶ External USB printer connection

▶ Printing using Bluetooth® connectivity (Inkjet printer option)

▶ Wireless LAN

▶ HDMI output available for compatible devices

▶ Footswitch with programmable functionality

▶ Universal Video Converter

▶ Power Assistant

▶ Battery Pack (for Power Assistant)

▶ Isolation Transformer

▶ Isolated 1Gb Ethernet connection

▶ Isolated USB connector

▶ EMI filter (PWR supply noise filter)

▶ RS-DLP Probe Adapter for TEE Probe

▶ Side Cabinet (Japan only)

▶ Drawer

▶ Small Probe Holder (Probe Holder Adapter for Small Probe)

▶ Multi Purpose Holder (Vertical Endocavitary Probe Holder)

▶ Optional Probe Holder (Side Probe Holder)

▶ Probe cable hanger

▶ ECG + AHA/IEC® Cables

▶ USB 3 Pedal Foot Switch

Clinical Images