Philips InnoSight ultrasound system allows you to scan patients in more of the clinical places you deliver care.

System Architecture

Stylish and compact, InnoSight is also rugged, which allows it to be used with confidence, even in remote settings. Bring the confidence of ultrasound to your patients in more clinical environments.

Enhanced needle visualization (ENV)

ENV enhances contrast of the needle for better visualization without affecting anatomical resolution.


Weight: 2.46 kg/5.42 lb, Length: 319.6 mm/12.58 in, Width: 223.2 mm/8.79 in, Height: 31.8 mm/1.25 in (without kickstand)


Display screen

High-resolution screen: 1366 x 768 pixels, Image area: 832 x 640 pixels, having 11.6-in. glove-compatible touchscreen. Supports Bluetooth keyboard as well as wireless mouse

Storage and reporting

Cineloop review for retrospective analysis, 128 GB internal storage ˜5000 images, POC-focused report, Report printing to thermal printer

Directional Color Power Angio (CPA)

This provides directional information to standard power angio imaging and is useful for small vessel imaging as a substitute for color Doppler.

Imaging Solutions

InnoSight offers exceptional image quality with versatility of application. Digital beamforming, THI, pulse inversion THI, XRES, SonoCT, and automatic image optimization all help you obtain high-quality images.

Abdominal Aorta

Adnexal Vascularity

Hepatic Vasculature

About Philips Innosight

Philips InnoSight allows you to scan patients in more of the places you deliver care, offering the clinical confidence that a quick, routine scan can provide in the physician office, clinic or hospital. The sleek and compact InnoSight allows users to bring ultrasound in more often to meet different clinical needs. Its versatile design allows users to have the ultrasound system on-cart, on-table, at patient bedside or even wall-mounted for a zero-footprint solution. InnoSight tablet form factor, and intuitive design offers you even more mobility and simplicity, whether you’re in the emergency room, ICU, operating room, or the L&D suite. From the hospital to the community health center, InnoSight offers the flexibility and versatility for abdominal, cardiac, musculoskeletal, vascular, obstetrics and gynecology studies to improve patient care.

Compatible Probes

Philips L12-4

Bandwidth: 4 – 12 MHz

Number of elements: 128

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Philips S4-2

Bandwidth: 4 – 2 MHz

Aperture: 20.3 mm

Field of View: 90°

Philips C9-4v

Bandwidth: 9 – 4 MHz

Aperture: 26.2 mm

Field of View: 181°