Philips L12-4 Linear Probe

Philips L12-4 is a broadband linear array transducer used in Musculoskeletal, OB, Neonatal Head, Pediatric Abdomen and Hip, Small Parts and Vascular ultrasound. It has a frequency of 4 – 12 MHz.


Brand – Philips

Transducer Type – Linear

Bandwidth: 4 – 12 MHz

Aperture: 34 mm

Number of elements: 128

Applications: Vascular, Musculoskeletal, Abdominal (ClearVue), Small Parts (ClearVue), Pediatric hips (ClearVue), Breast (ClearVue), Regional anesthesia (Sparq), Superficial (Sparq), Lung (Sparq), Trauma (Sparq), Ocular (Sparq), Nerve (Sparq)

Compatibility: Philips Affiniti 70, Philips EPIQ 5, Philips Lumify and Philips Innosight

Field of View: 49.6 mm 

Biopsy Guide: Multi angle, Disposable with a reusable bracket

Imaging Modes: B-Mode, Color Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging (ClearVue), PW Doppler, Color Power Angio, High PRF (Sparq), M-Mode (Sparq), SonoCT (Sparq), XRES (Sparq), Multivariate harmonic imaging (Sparq)