GE Vivid E90

The Vivid™ E90 is a premium 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you rise above some of today’s complex healthcare challenges, such as helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams. By combining the proven breadth and performance of the Vivid product line with the cSound™ powerful, software beamformer image reconstruction platform, the Vivid E90 takes ultrasound to a whole new level – potentially helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams and cost of care.
Conventional ultrasound systems too often yield non-diagnostic exams. Recognizing this, GE has developed a new imaging platform called cSound. In a conventional scanner, ultrasound beamforming is performed by special-purpose hardware – a hardware beamformer. Conversely, cSound is truly a software beamformer. Data from every probe element/channel is acquired and temporarily stored in a “Local Big Data Memory” before being analyzed and processed by parallel processors similar to those found in many of today’s supercomputers.



The cSound software beamformer has given us the flexibility to rapidly introduce new complex image processing algorithms, like True Confocal Imaging (TCI), which helps us fully remove the variable focus control, and Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE) which amplifies real signals and reduces undesired noise and artifacts. TCI and ACE together result in exceptional contrast- and spatial resolution, from near field to far field, which may help reduce the number of non-diagnostic exams.

Width: 544mm (21 3/4 inch)
Height: 1230mm – 1670mm, 48 3/8″ – 65 3/4″ (up/down mechanism + LCD arm)
Net Weight: 278lbs (126kgs)
High resolution 22″ wide OLED monitor
Integrated HDD
Multiple USB ports (front/back)
High resolution 12″ wide LCD touch screen
Integrated speakers for premium sound
4 active probe ports and one CW port


  • Cardiac
  • Stress (including Exercise, QStress, and LVO Stress) (optional)
  • Abdominal (incl. renal)
  • Vascular (incl. carotid, LEA, LEV, UEA, UEV, aorto-Iliac)
  • Fetal heart
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • Neonatal head
  • Small parts
  • Thyroid
  • Breast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Intra Operative
  • Transcranial
  • Scrotal
  • Urology (incl. pelvic)
  • Rodent ( incl. rats and mice for research)
  • Transesophageal
  • OB/GYN
  • Coronary
  • Contrast (optional)
  • Contrast low MI (optional)
  • LVO contrast

▶ Cardiac Sector Probe
      M5Sc-D [1.4 – 4.6MHz]
       6S-D [2.4 – 8.0MHz]
       12S-D [4.0 – 12.0MHz]

▶ Linear Probe
       9L-D [2.4 – 10.0MHz]

       11L-D [4.5 – 12.0MHz]

▶ Intraoperative Probe
       L8-18i-D [5.0 – 15.0MHz]

▶ Convex Probe
       C1-6-D [1.5 – 6.0MHz]

       C2-9-D [2.3 – 8.4MHz]

▶ Micro Convex Probe
       8C [4.0 – 8.0MHz]

▶ Endo Cavity Probe
       IC5-9-D [3.3 – 8.6MHz]

▶ Non-imaging Doppler Probe
       P2D [2 MHz]

       P6D [6.3MHz]

▶ Adult TEE Probe
       6Tc [3.0 – 8.0MHz]

       6Tc-RS [3.0 – 8.0MHz]

▶ Pediatric TEE Probe
       9T [3.0 – 10.0MHz]

       9T-RS [3.0 – 10.0MHz]

▶ Volume TEE Probe
       6VT-D [3.0 – 8.0MHz]

▶ Sony Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Fixture Kit for Digital UP-D711 Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D25 Color Thermal Printer

▶ Sony Digital UP-D897 BW Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P93W/E Thermal Printer

▶ Mitsubishi P95DW Thermal Printer

▶ USB B/W video printer with control from the system

▶ External USB printer connection

▶ Direct streaming DVR (Sony® HVO-550MD)

▶ 16 GB encrypted memory stick

▶ 2 TB USB hard drive (2 x 2 TB SATA II hard drives mirrored for data redundancy)

▶ Three-pedal configurable footswitch


▶ Ethernet – 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps

▶ Multiple USB 2.0 ports

▶ RS-DLP Probe Adapter for TEE Probe

▶ Integrated gel holders

▶ User-configurable probe holders

▶ ECG + AHA/IEC® Cables

Clinical Images