Edan Acclarix AX3

Alone with the unique dual – sockets inspiration in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable Acclarix AX3 Compact Ultrasound System delivers a surprising combination of features to meet the demands of point-of-care imaging. The Acclarix AX3 has been design from the relentless focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost-effect price to each sonographer. Compacted with innovative Edan TAI technology and multiple imaging processing technologies, Acclarix AX3 could perfectly display ultrasound image in different modes, assisting sonographer to make more precise diagnosis. How can Edan deliver so much innovation and so much value? By capitalizing on the experience and expertise of a truly global enterprise. Acclarix technology is the result of Silicon Valley innovation and engineering excellence combined with Chinese design and manufacturing proficiency. The Acclarix AX3 delivers unmatched value and performance across a broad range of applications.

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Key Features

High fidelity, high-channel count architecture results in superb detail resolution, particularly at depth. Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) continuously and automatically optimizes imaging allowing more focus on the patient – In B-mode, TAI fine tunes multiple parameters to provide the best possible image quality – In Doppler, TAI automatically adjusts for flow state providing improved continuity, border detection and fill-in.

Width: 375 mm (14.76 inch)
Height: 380 mm (14.96 inch)
Net Weight: 4.2 kg (without battery)
15-inch LCD, High-Res 1920 x 1080
120G SSD integrated
Magnetic latch closure
10.1’’ Touch screen
Dual active transducer ports
Max. two batteries configurable


  • Musculoskeletal
  • Anesthesia
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Critical Care
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Pain Management
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgery

Imaging Solutions

Acclarix AX3 series has been designed from the ground up with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation and performance at a price point that is equally surprising

Compatible Probes

Edan C5-2Q

Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz

Type: Curved Array

Edan C5-1Q


Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz

Type: Single Crystal Curved Array

Edan MC8-4Q

Bandwidth: 4 – 8 MHz

Type: Micro – Convex Array

Edan MC9-3TQ

Bandwidth: 4 – 8 MHz

Type: Micro – Convex Array

Edan C6-2MQ


Bandwidth: 2 – 6 MHz

Type: 3D/4D Mechanical
Curved Array

Edan L12-5HQ


Bandwidth: 5 – 12 MHz

Type: High Element Linear Array

Edan L17-7HQ

Bandwidth: 7 – 17 MHz

Type: High Frequency Linear Array

Edan L17-7SQ

Bandwidth: 7 – 17 MHz

Type: High-Freq. Compact Linear Array

Edan E10-3BQ


Bandwidth: 3 – 10 MHz

Type: Endocavity Curved Array

Edan E10-3HQ


Bandwidth: 3 – 10 MHz

Type: Endocavity Curved Array

Edan P5-1Q

Bandwidth: 1 – 5 MHz

Type: Phased Array

Edan P7-3Q


Bandwidth: 3 – 7 MHz

Type: Pediatric Phased Array



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