TE7 Crystal Series is the system of choice for precise and confident decisions at the point-of-care.

Refined label and screen design

Screen size of 15-inch resolution 768 x 1024 color LED reduces the impact of continuous chemical disinfectants use

Seamless touch screen

prevents residue buildup from cleaning and disinfection Screen auto lock disables function during screen cleaning and disinfection


Width: 295 mm (11.61 inch), Height: 380 mm (14.96 inch), Weight: Approx. 6.1Kg (with battery)



Second generation iNeedle+ technology automatically detects needle angle and improves visibility on both linear and convex transducers during interventional procedures

Elevated transducer holders

Elevated transducer holders for improved infection control and ideal cable management

UWN+ Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Second generation, ultra-wideband non-linear (UWN+) CEUS imaging uses both harmonic and fundamental signals to improve contrast and temporal resolution during CEUS studies

Imaging Solutions

With best-in-class image quality, new transducer technology, and needle visualization advancements.


Critical Care


About Mindray TE7

Xtreme Performance and Precision. Mindray’s Living Technology™ increases clinical value and protects your investment with easily upgrade-able enhancements to keep your ultrasound system at state-of-the-art performance. The Crystal Series for the TE7 ultrasound system elevates the system’s performance from routine point-of-care exams to extreme things once each second counts. With best-in-class image quality, new electrical device technology, and needle visualisation advancements, the TE7 Crystal Series is that the system of alternative for precise and assured selections at the point-of-care. Based on artificial intelligence voice recognition technology, second generation iVocal allows for a hands-free scanning experience, ideal for sterile environments.

Compatible Probes

Mindray C5-2s

Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz

Footprint: 50mm

Field of View: 76°

Mindray L12-3RCs

Bandwidth: 3.0 MHz – 12.8 MHz

Applications: Small Parts, Pediatric

Trasducer Type: Linear

Mindray L11-3VNs

Bandwidth: 3-11 MHz

Applications: MSK, Nerve, Vascular

Field of View: 38 mm

Mindray SP5-1s

Bandwidth: 1.0 MHz. – 5.0 MHz

Applications: Cardiac, Transcranial

Needle Guide: Innofine JSM-011

Mindray C11-3s

Bandwidth: 3 – 11 MHz

Applications: Cardiac, Transcranial

Compatibility: Mindray TE5

Mindray V11-3Ws

Bandwidth: 3.0 MHz – 11.2 MHz

Applications: Obstetrics, Urology

Needle Guide: Innofine JEM-028

Mindray L12-4s

Bandwidth: 3.0 MHz – 13.0 MHz

Applications: Small Parts, Vascular

Needle Guide: Multi Angle

Mindray L14-6Ns

Bandwidth: 6.0 – 14.0 MHz

Applications: Small Parts, Vascular

Needle Guide: Innofine JSM-007

Mindray L14-6s

Bandwidth: 6 – 14 MHz

Footprint: 25mm

Depth: 28.6cm

Mindray L7-3s

Bandwidth: 3 – 7 MHz

Footprint: 43 x 10 mm

Field of View: 38 mm

Mindray 7LT4s

Bandwidth: 4 – 15 MHz

Field of View: 43 mm

Biopsy kit: NGB-010, multi-angle

Mindray P4-2s

Bandwidth: 2 – 4 MHz, 23 mm

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Depth: 28.6 cm

Mindray P7-3Ts

Bandwidth: 3.0 MHz. – 7.0 MHz

Form Factor: Transesophageal

Applications: Cardiac, Vascular

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