Veterinary Ultrasound Machines


The Ultrasound Source specializes in new, pre-owned, and refurbished veterinary ultrasound systems for large and small animals. We can help you get started in keeping your diagnostics in-house or get you a quality upgrade to your existing equipment. Whether you’re looking for something basic for quick screening, pregnancy checks, follicle measurements, cystocentesis, or if you need something for more advanced imaging for example in cardiology, adrenal glands, sub-par lymph nodes, or even clinical research we’ve got you covered.

Most major manufacturers do have a separate software designated as “veterinary” software but there isn’t any difference within the scanning engine or capabilities between them and the human version with the exception being the vet systems don’t have to go through the FDA process. So, with that being said, when looking for an ultrasound unit most of what you see will be capable and adequate for veterinary use outside of some systems not having the capability of connecting to say a vet rectal linear transducer. With national exclusive contracts hiking up the pricing for specialty veterinary ultrasound equipment from companies like GE, Mindray, and Sonosite, etc. purchasing a “non-veterinary” unit can be an effective way to apply some savings when purchasing an ultrasound system.

Looking for a good reliable option that won’t break the bank (hint: less than $5,000)? The Edan DUS 60 is a popular choice for your clinic and also performs well in bovine and equine reproduction (and does well for tendons too). Here are some sample veterinary clinical images of the DUS 60:

For more advanced needs the Logiq E NextGen from GE will leave you with little to no limitations. With great penetration, fast frame rates, excellent resolution, and features designed to handle even the higher and lower velocities of cardiac and vascular it would be a great addition to any practice. We’re currently offering some “can’t tell it’s not new” refurbished GE systems.


These are just two examples targeting different applications for use. With a large variety of options available, a few details about what your needs are would help our staff identify what systems to compare and what current pricing is below market. Contact us today for a free and friendly consultation.

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