The Difference Between Used, Refurbished, and Factory Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment

The primary distinction between refurbished, OEM refurbished, and used ultrasound machines is the condition and the price. Please see our description below. If you’re in need of a detailed explanation, free consultation, or direct comparison on systems that you’re considering feel free to reach out to one of our ultrasound specialists CONTACT US.

OEM or Factory Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment

Factory refurbishment is usually a detailed and intricate process of breaking a system down to the chassis and being fully rebuilt. This process is completely controlled by the original manufacturer of the system. Furthermore, the OEMs only select the best units, with clean service records to ensure the quality of materials. This usually attributes to a limited supply and factory refurbished units are a little harder to come by. Great examples of this would be the “Diamond Select” process from Philips or the “Gold Seal” units from GE. Getting an OEM refurbished ultrasound system is one of the highest quality options available typically at a very attractive price. Rightfully so, it’s a great alternative to new equipment.

Refurbished Equipment

This is what is commonly referred to as “seller refurbished”. It describes a system that has been through an inspection and refurbishing process that may contain cosmetic aspects, like cleaning and painting, and functionality, like parts replacement and installing software options. However, each company has a different definition of this “refurbished” process, it’s worth considering requesting specifics on each company’s refurb process. The Ultrasound Source changes or updates parts/components, we will paint or replace cosmetic blemishes/pieces, and we will also add software options. What work is done can also be customized to meet your specific needs of use and budget. All integral parts/components and most cosmetics unless otherwise stated are updated to meet manufacturer specifications.

“Used” Ultrasound Equipment

Used equipment encompasses a rather large category of potential conditions. Some companies merely acquire systems and they are sold “as is” without full system diagnostics or inspection of the components of the unit or transducers. Options and configurations will be limited to what the previous owner purchased. At the Ultrasound Source, you can rely on all of our systems, including used, are at a minimum cleaned, disinfected, and tested by our professional service technicians. Many people in the industry also call this “refurbished”, but it isn’t, so always be careful to make sure to ask what work has been completed on the unit you’re looking to purchase before you buy.


Our partnerships with various industry leaders and manufacturers have attributed to our experience and procedures that we apply to all of the products that we offer. When available we will also have access to factory Refurbished Ultrasound Systems as well. Ultimately, whatever ultrasound unit you buy should be configured to meet your needs of the application and also your budget. We’ve built our business around offering transparent guidance on the costs and benefits between the three categories above. Please contact one of our specialists to get pricing on some used, refurbished, and factory refurbished ultrasound machines. We’d love to help assist you in finding the right ultrasound system and supporting you as you grow your business.