SonoStar UProbe C5PL Ultrasound Scanner

SonoStar C5PL is a wireless diagnostic ultrasound transducer that is actually three probes in one unit. The ultrasound scanner can be used for patient exams where a linear transducer, convex transducer, or phased array transducer are required for medical imaging. The SonoStar C5PL is compatible with many Android and iPhones phones and tablets. The compact, ultra-portable form factor of the C5PL makes this ultrasound unit extremely easy to transport.


Key Features of SonoStar UProbe C5PL Ultrasound Scanner

The SonoStar UProbe C5PL is a wireless Ultrasound Scanner. Workable with a Wi-Fi enabled Tablet or Smart Phone (iOS, Android, Windows). It has a built-in rechargeable battery and advanced digital imaging technology. This compact system has an Intelligent terminal platform with powerful expansion functions on application, and storage.

Width: 60 mm (2.36 inch)
Height: 150 mm (5.90 inch)
Weight: 260 gram
Frequency: 3.5 – 10 MHz
Working system: Apple iOS and Android, Windows
Probe elements: 192 elements
Battery: 4200 mAh Litihum
Scanning depth: Convex 100 – 305 mm Linear 20 – 100 mm
Battery working time: 3.5 hours


▶ Tablet Bracket

▶ Wireless Charger

▶ Puncture Needle Guide

▶ Trolly Cart

▶ Disposable Probe Cover

▶ Bluetooth Printer

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