Siemens EV9F4 Endovaginal Probe

Siemens EV9F4 Intra Cavity transducer has a frequency range of 2.9 MHz. – 9.0 MHz. and supports the following applications: Obstetrics, Gynaecology. The Siemens EV9F4 (X00) transducer is compatible with: Simens/Acuson X300 ultrasound systems.


Brand – Siemens/ Acuson

Transducer Type – Transvaginal

Bandwidth: 2.9 – 9 MHz

Footprint: 38.9 mm (scan direction) x 19.9 mm (sweep direction)

Applications: Early Obstetrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endovaginal, Fetal Echo, Neonatal head

Features: 3D/4D imaging, Wide bandwidth endovaginal volume transducer, User-selectable MultiHertz imaging, Lightweight transducer with flexible cable, Curved Vector Format

Specialty Options: Advanced fourSight technology

Compatibility: Simens/Acuson X300

Biopsy Guide: Needle Guide Kit, PN 10031556