GE Logiq V2

See clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely. Those were the values users requested that drove the creation of the LOGIQTM V2. The versatile LOGIQ V2 system accommodates a wide range of exams supporting a variety of clinical areas such as primary care, internal medicine, podiatry, regional anesthesia and musculoskeletal. The system delivers console performance in a portable format that’s simple, fast and precise. With its compact design featuring a large LCD display – and standard battery back-up, the LOGIQ V2 fits into small spaces and easily maneuvers where you need it. The LOGIQ V2 uses two types of ultrasound: One for tissue and one for metal. This helps the needle stand out and allows separate control of the needle appearance. Transfer a copy of the entire study in DICOM®* or Raw DICOM format. These images can be “imported” back onto the system for viewing at a later date.


Key Features of GE Logiq v2

Optimize B-Mode image to help improve contrast resolution using Auto Optimization. Innovative scan plane reference tool that displays reference images, animations, and schematics during live scanning. Interactive access to tutorials on settings, operation, connectivity, and maintenance, plus a link to the user manual for more details.

Width: 368 mm (14.49 inch)
Height: 83 mm (3.27 inch)
Net Weight: 6kg (13.23lb) with battery
15” (381mm) high-resolution LCD (1024X768 pixels)
Integrated SSD (120GB)
8 TGC Slider segments (pods)
Easy 3D (Free hand 3D) (Option)
1 inbuilt active probe ports
Ergonomic full size keyboard


  • Abdomen
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecological
  • Cardiac
  • Vascular
  • Transcranial
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Urological
  • Small Parts
  • Pediatric & Neonatal

▶ Digital UP-D25MD Color thermal printer

▶ Digital UP-D898MD BW thermal printer

▶ HP office jet 100 Mobile Printer

▶ HP office jet Pro 8100 Printer (supported)

▶ Footswitch MKF 2-MED USB GP26

▶ USB Stick 8G

▶ 1TB mobile USB HDD

▶ DVD RW Kit

▶ Wireless USB adapter

▶ LOGIQ V1 / LOGIQ V2 Spare Battery

▶ HDMI output

▶ VGA output with optional adapter

▶ TV output (S-video and composite video)

▶ 100BASE-TX Ethernet (RJ45)

▶ 2 USB ports

Clinical Images