Founded in 1995 EDAN portable ultrasound systems deliver a powerhouse combination of features that provide superb value and outstanding imaging quality across the entire range of general imaging applications.

 With a support center in San Diego, CA, Edan provides U.S. based service on all of their products, something not commonly found in the more affordable imports.


The Acclarix AX3 ultrasound system delivers a great combination of features to meet the demands of point-of-care imaging and general imaging. It has been designed with a targeted focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost effect price. With good image quality, a suite of calculation packages, and a small form factor you can make your diagnosis quickly and safely with the AX3.

For a more economical general-purpose black and white system the DUS 60 is an impressive mobile ultrasound providing reliable value and durable quality across a wide range of applications like obstetrics, gynecology, MSK, and is quite a versatile option in veterinary as well. With the added support of pulsed wave doppler imaging, the DUS 60 meets higher diagnostic requirements.