Draminski Blue

Excellent Doppler – more precise examination. Quickly. Easily. Precisely. you can always have DRAMINSKI BLUE with you whether you need to perform a blockade in the preparation room and operating room or emergency room, . Light, fast and accurate will facilitate your work every day. Active fields allow quick standard parameter setting. Draminski blue Measure the distance after freezing the image immediately no additional menu needed. This can be done while saving the first image. Before an ultrasound examination you don’t need to remember about entering a patient’s data .

Key Features of Draminski Blue

D-Curve™ distinguishes between slight echogenicity differences – a transfer curve ideally suited to the human eye perception. LuciD™ – a system that enhances contrast, sharpness and tissue differentiation making images readable and easy to interpret.

12″ LED LCD display
Capacitive touch panel
Net Weight: 4 kg (8.81 lbs)
Ports – 2 x USB, 2 x LAN, 1 x HDMI
Ready to operate after 25 seconds
Pulse Wave Doppler
Frame memory and cine loop 60GB
One probe port, automatic recognition
Battery provides up to 2.5-h


▶ Convex R60 / 3,5 MHz

▶ Convex R50 / 5 MHz

▶ Linear L40 / 10 MHz

▶ Microconvex R15 / 6,5 MHz

▶ P-probe ( rectal microconvex probe) R20 / 6,5 MHz

▶ Rectal Linear L60 / 7 MHz

▶ OPU R11 / 6,5 MHz

▶ 35C50EA (Center Frequency: 3.5MHz)

▶Ultrasound scanner with built-in battery

▶ Probe (optional)

▶ Wheel stand

▶ Power supply

▶ User manual with warranty card

▶ Carrying case

▶ Caster stand (low)

▶ Gel spacer

Clinical Images