Toshiba PVT-375BT Transducer for sale

Toshiba PVT-375BT Transducer

Toshiba PVT-375BT convex array ultrasound probe has a frequency of 1.5 to 6 MHz and is used with abdominal applications.Toshiba PVT-375BT is compatible with the Aplio and Xario series ultrasound systems.

Brand – Toshiba

Transducer Type – Convex Array

Bandwidth: 1.5 to 6.0 MHz

Applications: OB, Abdomen

Compatibility: Toshiba Aplio XG, Aplio MX, Aplio Artida and Xario

Features: -Native Frequency Selection: 6.0 MHz, 4.0 MHz, 1.9 MHz
  – THI Frequency Selection:  6.0 MHz, 5.0 MHz, 4.0 MHz
  – D-THI Frequency Selection: 3 MHz

Field of view: Approx. 70o

Biopsy Guide: 680-105 (TG-1)