Philips L12-5 50mm Cannon QLC Transducer for sale

Philips L12-5 Cannon QLC Transducer

Philips L12-5 ultrasound linear probes has 5 – 12 MHz of frequency range, and also compatible with EPIQ 7, EPIQ 5, Affiniti 70, Affiniti 50, iU22 etc ultrasound systems.It has Precision Doppler with Fine Angle Steering technology.


Brand – Philips Healthcare

Transducer Type – Linear Array

Bandwidth: 5 – 12 MHz

Applications: Abdominal bowel, general OB, vascular (carotid, arterial, venous, and superficial), pediatric (abdomen and hip), small parts including thyroid, testicle, and breast, and MSK

Compatibility: EPIQ 7, EPIQ 5, Affiniti 70, Affiniti 50, iU22, HD7 XE, HD9, HD11 XE, HD15 and CX50

Imaging Modes: Steerable pulsed Doppler, Color Doppler, and Color Power Angio, SonoCT, XRES, Panoramic, and Harmonic Imaging

Features: Precision Doppler with Fine Angle Steering, Linear array with 160 elements, 15 ° trapezoid imaging

Aperture: 50 mm effective length

Biopsy capable: Yes

Number of elements: 256