Philips CX50 is a shared service ultrasound machine largely used in radiology and OB-GYN practices for cardiovascular applications.

PureWave crystal technology

CX50 CompactXtreme ultrasound system features
PureWave crystal technology


15” high-resolution monitor, AutoSCAN image optimization

System Dimension

Height: 86 mm (3.4 in), Width: 413 mm (16.25 in) & Weight: 7.3 kg (16.2 lbs.), approx. 43 lbs. 

iSCAN intelligent optimization

automatic one-button global image optimization on the Philips CX50 through AI adjustment 

xMATRIX array technology

a unique 2D electronic array technology with fully-sampled elements that allow 2D, Live volume, and Live xPlane imaging


160 GB hard drive space
Internal slot-load CD/DVD RW drive

About Philips CX50

e Philips CX50 is a shared service ultrasound machine largely used in radiology and OB/GYN practices for cardiovascular applications. The CX50 launched in 2009 as the first Philips portable ultrasound and soon became recognized as one of the most advanced portable systems in the world. The Philips CX50 continues to this day to be one of the only premium portable ultrasounds that supports both PureWave single crystal and xMatrix transducers. The only major imaging capability the CX50 doesn’t have is 4D imaging for OB/GYN applications. However, the CX50 can offer 4D imaging for cardiac applications using an X7-2t xMatrix probe. The compact size of the CX50 means it fits well in surgical, emergency, and point-of-care practices where space is tight and mobility is important.

Imaging Solutions

The compact size of the CX50 allows you to have premium performance for your portable exams.

Clinical Image 1

Clinical Image 2

Clinical Image 3

Clinical Image 4

Clinical Image 5

Clinical Image 6

Compatible Probes

Philips C5-1

Bandwidth: 1 – 5 MHz

FOV: 111°

Number of elements: 160

Philips C10-3v

Bandwidth: 10 – 3 MHz

FOV: 163o

Number of elements: 128

Philips C8-5

Bandwidth: 8 – 5 MHz

Footprint: 22.4 mm

Field of View: 122°

Philips C9-3io

Bandwidth: 9 – 3 MHz

Number of elements: 128

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Philips L12-5

Bandwidth: 12 – 5 MHz

Number of elements: 256

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Philips L10-4lap

Bandwidth: 10 – 4 MHz

Number of elements: 128

Biopsy Guide: Multi angle

Philips L12-3

Bandwidth: 12 – 3 MHz

Aparture: 38 mm

Number of elements: 160

Philips L15-7io

Bandwidth: 15 – 7 MHz

Field of View: 49.6 mm

Number of elements: 128

Philips S5-1

Bandwidth: 5.0 – 1.0 MHz

Number of elements: 80

Field of view: 90°

Philips S8-3

Bandwidth: 3 – 8 MHz

Number of elements: 96

Field of View: 90⁰

Philips S12-4

Bandwidth: 4 – 12 MHz

Number of elements: 96

Field of View: 90°

Philips X7-2t

Bandwidth: 7 – 2 MHz

Number of elements: 2500

Field of View: 90°


Extreme performance is built into the CX50 system with clinically proven premium technologies

The CX50 combines the broadband capabilities of a digital beamformer with the broadband signals produced by Philips premium transducers including those with PureWave technology. Now, even on a compact system, complete tissue signatures are captured, preserved, and displayed. The level of image quality is exceptional, allowing you to fully appreciate subtle anatomical details.

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