GE RAB6-RS Transducer

Philips X5-1 Cannon QLC ultrasound probes has 5 – 1 MHz of frequency range, and also compatible with different ultrasound systems.It is a xMATRIX array transducer with PureWave crystal technology.

Brand – Philips Healthcare

Transducer Type – Phased Array

Bandwidth: 1 – 5 MHz

Applications: Adult/Pediatric Cardiac, Abdominal Vascular, TCD

Compatibility: Philips EPIQ 7 and iE33

Features: 2D, Live 3D volume, high volume rate (HVR), one-beat, two-beat and four-beat Live volume, color flow, Live 3D color, PW/CW Doppler, M-mode, color M-mode, contrast, Tissue Doppler imaging, Live xPlane imaging

Field of view: 90o

Biopsy capable: No

Number of elements: 3040