Philips xMATRIX X3-1 Probe

Philips’ new XL14-3 xMatrix Linear array transducer for vascular and venous ultrasound may be the biggest advance in vascular ultrasound in the last 20 years. Philips has created the world’s first 4D vascular ultrasound probe to further improve their line of xMatrix probes.


Brand – Philips

Transducer Type – Phased Arrray

Bandwidth: 1 – 3 MHz

Footprint: 60.7 x 16 mm (Voluson E8 Expert), 13 x 58 mm (Vivid E9)

Applications: Adult and Pediatric Cardiology, Epicardial

Compatibility: Philips iE33

Biopsy Guide: Multi angle, Disposable with a reusable bracket

Imaging Modes: 2D, biplane (Live xPlane), triggered full volume, Live 3D Echo, Color Doppler with 2D, biplane and 3D, XRES, Harmonic Imaging, LVO

Features: Explora connector with exceptional broadband response and new cable technology that is extremely flexible and lightweight

Biopsy Guide: Supports reusable plastic biopsy guide (dual angle) (14-23 gauge)