Philips L11-3 Linear Probe

Philips L11-3 linear ultrasound transducer is compatible with Philips iE33 ultrasound systems. The L11-3 probe can be utilized for Vascular (carotid, arteria and venous) and superficial imaging applications. It features SonoCT, color power angio, as well as XRES imaging.


Brand – Philips

Transducer Type – Linear

Bandwidth: 3 – 11 MHz

Number of Elements: 288

Applications: Vascular (carotid, arteria and venous), superficial, Cerebrovascular (carotids, vertebrals), peripheral vascular (venous, arterial), internal mammary vessels

Compatibility: Philips iE33

Imaging Modes: Steerable pulsed Doppler, Color Doppler, Color Power Angio, SonoCT, XRES, and Harmonic Imaging

Features: Linear array with 288 elements, Explora connector with exceptional broadband response and new cable technology that is extremely flexible and lightweight