Mindray M9 Vet

Mindray’s M9Vet is a premium portable ultrasound, capable of performing high-end abdominal, musculoskeletal and echocardiographic exams patient-side. The M9Vet is the ideal choice for advanced practitioners looking to perform specialist abdominal and echocardiographic exams.

The M9Vet can be configured with a UMT-500 Trolley, giving you the features of a cart-based system, without sacrificing the mobility and serviceability of a portable unit.

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Performance & Workflow

Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

THI significantly enhances contrast resolution and improves image quality by utilizing second harmonics generated from tissue boundary layers, especially for technically challenging subjects.

Free Xros M™

Gain precise anatomical observation by freely placing sample lines at any angle. Attain better images through a simultaneous display of up to 3 sample lines.

Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis

The TT QA functionality on M9Vet allows for a simple, quick and non-invasive solution for the evaluation of left ventricular wall motion abnormalities. Supported by Mindray’s patented 3T technology with single crystal.

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3T Transducer Technology with Single Crystal

All probes compatible with the M9Vet come equipped with Mindray’s unique 3T transducer technology providing sharper image quality. Enhanced with the addition of single crystal technology, M9Vet transducers offer better penetration and colour dynamic flow.


Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allows you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively.

Echo-enriched Beam Forming

Echo-enriched beam former permits the use of traditionally neglected echo signals of adjacent beams to form one more refined and robust imaging beam, providing better out-of-focusimage resolution and deeper image penetration.



Compatible Probes

Mindray C5-1s

Frequency: 1 – 5MHz

Mindray C6-2Gs

Frequency: 1.7 – 6.0MHz

Mindray C11-3s

Frequency: 3 – 11 MHz

Mindray D7-2s

Frequency: 1.6 – 6.2 MHz

Mindray L10-3s

Frequency: 2.7 – 10.5 MHz

Mindray L12-4s

Frequency: 3.0 – 13.0 MHz

Mindray L14-6Ns

Frequency: 6 to 14 MHz

Mindray L14-6ws

Frequency: 3.5 – 16.0 MHz

Mindray L16-4Hs

Frequency: 4 – 16 MHz

Mindray L20-5s

Frequency: 5.0 – 20.0 MHz

Mindray P7-3s

Frequency: 3 – 7 MHz

Mindray P7-3Ts

Frequency: 3 – 7MHz

Mindray P10-4s

Frequency: 2 to 10 MHz

Mindray SP5-1s

Frequency: 1 – 5MHz

Mindray V11-3Ws

Frequency: 3.0 – 11.2MHz

Clinical Images


Cat Ascites 1


Cat Ascites 2


Puppy Cardiac B-Mode


Puppy Cardiac CFM


Puppy Cardiac Tint B-Mode


Puppy Hepatic Gallbladder


Puppy Kidney Color-Mode


Puppy Kidney B-Mode