GE Venue R4

An AI-enabled ultrasound system that’s adaptable, intuitive and easy to clean: Venue is designed for your Point of Care spaces and environments with heightened infection control requirements. Developed to simplify the complex, Venue features automated and advanced clinical tools that enable fast assessments, support your clinical decision-making and help monitor patient progress in unpredictable, chaotic environments. Plus, it’s backed by a multi-year warranty.
Venue ultrasound systems are built specifically for Point of Care medicine across the facility. By streamlining workflow, they help users of different departments and experience levels confidently conduct patient exams.

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Performance & Workflow

AI-enabled tools support your confident decision-making

AI-resources based on synthesized data and proprietary algorithms simplify manual processes such as measuring and finding B-lines, helping ensure consistency from user to user

Documentation tools streamline exams

Protocol management and easy documentation tools help users conquer busywork by readily providing the information they need, reducing the need to manually type findings.

Broad probe portfolio for exceptional image quality

Venue R4 features a wide variety of linear, curved, and cardiac transducers that are designed for a multitude of specialties and interchangeable* across systems.

A common platform ensures a consistent experience

All systems are built on one platform with the same interface to ensure familiarity and simplify training across your facility.

Built-in teaching assistance facilitates learning

Scribble assists training with a touch-operated pointer and free-drawing capabilities that can also be visible on an external monitor or shared screen. The MSK Tool Kit provides reference images to guide novice users.

Touch, pinch, swipe

No buttons. No knobs. A familiar touch screen with a simple, clear and intuitive interface works even with gloves or screen covers.

About GE Venue R4

Designed to simplify the complex and help clinicians make life-saving decisions with confidence

Helping drive consistency from user to user (whether one is an ultrasound novice or expert), Venue features AI-enabled resources that help you work efficiently. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, we synthesize data from numerous patients to ensure accurate calculations for clinical confidence.


Imaging Solutions

Leveraging data and proprietary algorithms, Venue systems include AI-based tools to help increase exam efficiency and user consistency.

Compatible Probes


Bandwidth: 1.1 – 4.7 MHz

Footprint: 18.4 x 23.7 mm

Field of View: 120°


Bandwidth: 1.8 – 8.6 MHz

Footprint: 16.8 x 23.5 mm

Field of View: 115°


Bandwidth: 2.7 – 12.5 MHz

Footprint: 13.2 x 17.6 mm

Field of View: 105°


Bandwidth: 3.1 – 12.9 MHz

Footprint: 12 x 22 mm

Field of View: 128°

GE C1-5-RS

Bandwidth: 1.4 – 5.7 MHz

Footprint: 17.2 x 69.3 mm

Field of View: 59°


Bandwidth: 2.2 – 12.5 MHz

Footprint: 16.9 x 21.2 mm

Field of View: 128°

GE L4-12t-RS

Bandwidth: 3.4 – 12.6 MHz

Footprint: 12.7 x 47.1 mm

Field of View: 38.4 mm


Bandwidth: 3.4 – 12.6 MHz

Footprint: 12.7 x 47.1 mm

Field of View: 38.4 mm

GE L4-20t-RS


Bandwidth: 3.0 – 20 MHz

Footprint: 11.56 x 48.43 mm

Field of View: 38.4 mm

GE ML6-15-RS


Bandwidth: 4.0 – 18.9 MHz

Footprint: 16.0 x 60.7 mm

Field of View: 50.4 mm

GE L8-18i-RS

Bandwidth: 2.5 – 16.8 MHz

Footprint: 11.1 x 34.8 mm

Field of View:  25.2 mm

GE L10-22-RS


Bandwidth: 7.0 – 22.2 MHz

Footprint: 8.0 x 20.3 mm

Field of View: 16.2 mm


Bandwidth: 2.4 – 10.5 MHz

Footprint: 14.1 x 53.0 mm

Field of View: 44.2 mm


Bandwidth: 1.8 – 8.8 MHz

Footprint: 12 x 14 mm

Field of View:  90°




GE Venue R4 Brochure

Simplify your workflow

Equipped with an intuitive interface, a small footprint and an easy-to-clean touch screen, Venue is designed to streamline your day-to-day experience—helping you quickly assess a patient’s medical status, reduce variability, and improve accuracy. Backed by multi-year warranty, Venue is designed to serve and support point of care across a wide range of environments—even if they’re unpredictable and chaotic.

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