Elegant Fusion of Specialty and Flexibility with the Acclarix LX9 Ultrasound from EDAN

Ergonomic design

Adjust the screen height and control panel angle, Customizable touch screen, personalize it to suit your needs


21.5-inch high-resolution LCD monitor, 14-inch sensitive touch screen for efficient operation at your fingertips


Five transducer ports making switching a snap, Ultrasound gel warmer option available


Built for quality

Integrated user interface with 180° rotation & electronic height adjustment

EIS+ Platform

Displaying unexpected image quality and extremely efficient workflow: eTAI, eView, eCrystal, eSRI

Two built-in batteries

Extra-long continuous scanning time from two built-in batteries

About Edan Acclarix LX9

The Acclarix LX9 ultrasound system from Edan features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operation in general diagnostic environments easy, fast and intuitive. The LX9 aims to provide precise diagnosis with uncompromising image quality, brilliant workflow and user-friendly operation.

When referring to performance, renovation, and multiformity – there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Developed specifically to address the challenges of complex ultrasound environments, the Acclarix LX9 Diagnostic Ultrasound System aims to provide a precise diagnosis in a versatile clinic application with uncompromising image quality, brilliant workflow, and user-friendly operation.


Imaging Solutions

Diagnostic medical ultrasound imaging has been reimagined with the EDAN Acclarix LX9

Clinical Image 1


Clinical Image 2


Clinical Image 3


Clinical Image 4


Clinical Image 5


Clinical Image 6


Compatible Probes

Edan L12-5HQ


Bandwidth: 5 -12 MHz

Type: High Element Linear Array

Applications: Small Parts, MSK, Nerve

Edan L12-5Q

Bandwidth: 5 -12 MHz

Footprint: 38mm

Applications: Small Parts, MSK

Edan L17-7HQ

Bandwidth: 7 – 17 MHz

Footprint: 38 mm

Applications: MSK, Nerve, Vascular

Edan L17-7SQ

Bandwidth: 7 – 17 MHz

Type: High-Freq. Compact Linear Array

Applications: MSK, Nerve block

Edan C6-2MQ


Bandwidth: 2 – 6 MHz

Type: 3D/4D Mechanical Curved

Applications: OB, GYN

Edan C5-1Q


Bandwidth: 1 – 7 MHz

Type: Curved Array

Applications: Urology, Gynecology

Edan C5-2Q

Bandwidth: 2 – 5 MHz

Dispaly Depth: 45 cm

Applications: Abdomen, Fetal

Edan MC8-4Q

Bandwidth: 4 – 8 MHz

Transducer Type: Micro Convex

Applications: Neonatal Head, Nerve

Edan MC9-3TQ

Bandwidth: 3 – 9 MHz

Transducer Type: Micro-Convex

Applications: Equine hoof, abdomen

Edan P5-1Q

Bandwidth: 1 – 5 MHz

Footprint: 16 mm

Applications: Adult Cardiac, Abdomen

Edan P7-3Q


Bandwidth: 3 – 7 MHz

Type: Pediatric Phased Array

Applications: Vet Ultrasound Probe

Edan P5-1XQ

Bandwidth: 7 – 15 MHz

Elements: 128 elements

Applications: Small parts, MSK

Edan E10-3HQ


Bandwidth: 3 – 10 MHz

Type: Endocavity Curved Array

FOV: 200°

Edan E10-3BQ


Bandwidth: 3 – 10 MHz

Type: Endocavity Curved Array

FOV: 200°

Edan E8-4Q

Bandwidth: 4 MHz. – 8 MHz

Field of View: 150°

Applications: Obstetrics, Gynecology


Edan Acclarix LX9 Brochure

Diagnostic medical ultrasound imaging has been reimagined with the EDAN Acclarix LX9

Born of a vision to deliver meaningful design innovations that benefit the user, the Acclarix LX9 features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operations in a general diagnostic environment fast, easy, and intuitive.

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